Vote against mandatory helmet laws at state and federal elections

As of 2016 with the end of the federal senate group voting tickets it is now required that voters number at least 6 boxes above the line for voting in the federal senate - numbering any less will result in an invalid vote - the table below is my suggestion of what parties should be numbered first to help encourage the government to repeal mandatory helmet laws.
The party to which your first party preference goes may receive around $2.50 from the AEC so even if that party is not successfully elected it can help them fund future election efforts.
The following table is based on information disseminated by various political parties or from research about where they stand on the issue of mandatory bicycle helmet laws.
Where no clear policy statement is available enquiries have been made click the tables links for further info where available.

how to vote
Political Party Suggested Order Policy Reference
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) AKA Liberal Democrats First LDP Policy.
Australian Cyclists Party(ASP) First ACP Policy.
WA Democrats are across this issue First WA Democrats Policy.
One Nation (ON) Middle
Australian Sex Party (ASP) Middle
Other minor parties HEMP, FREE Middle
Christian Democratic Party (CDP) Middle
Independents Middle
Greens Middle
Liberal (LNP) last
Labour Absolute last

Liberal democratic party(LDP) aka Liberal Democrats

Please number the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) first or second. The LDP have a specific policy to remove mandatory helmet laws and other laws which criminalize victim-less crimes.

Australian Cyclists Party (ACP)

Please put the Australian Cyclists Party (ASP) first or second. Policy Link The ACP party president took some convincing but the party do now list a specific policy to allow helmet choice for adults. Establish a national inquiry to review the efficacy of “mandatory bicycle helmet legislation”. Based on the recommendations of a recent inquiry in Queensland, we are ready to support the reform of bicycle helmet regulations that would allow adult cyclists the choice of wearing a helmet or not.

Australian Sex Party (ASP)

The Australian Sex Party , have no stated policy on this matter but during the 2013 federal election did suggest bicycle helmet law repeal as a potential policy they would favour.

ONE Nation (ON)

One Nation have indicated they will oppose the mandatory helmet laws but have failed to publish a statement to that effect online.

Christian Democratic Party (CDP)

The Christian Democratic Party seem neutral on the matter when i spoke to their south Australian candidate.


The greens member in SA expressed no helpful policy on this particular issue. Greens member Greg Barber DOES NOT support low emission transport, he prefers to treat bicycle users like second class citizens with continued ongoing police harassment. Transport Minister Terry Mulder said compulsory helmet laws were based on strong research and rejected calls for a law change, a stand last night backed by Greens MP Greg Barber. [ref 1]


In 2010 the Victorian labour party increased the fine for not wearing a helmet from $59 to $146 and added needless laws to fine anyone passing stopped trams all vehicles including bikes risk a fine of $292. Victoria continues to fine bike riders who ride on footpaths even though this is now legal in Queensland, SA, WA, the ACT and NT. [ref 2]


In 2016 the NSW Liberal National party increased the fine for not wearing a helmet from $71 to $319 and added mandatory ID requirements which attract a further $106 if police request to see photo ID and you dont have it. In NSW police also continues to fine bike riders who ride on footpaths the fine Increased from $71 to $106 even though this is now legal in Queensland, SA, WA, the ACT and NT. [ref 3]

Democratic Labour Party and Family First are at all neutral or simply have no policy on the matter that can be found.

Join a political party

The Liberal Democrats AKA LDP have free membership and are opposed to Mandatory helmet laws. Joining will help them obtain or maintain the necessary number of people required for state and or federal electoral commission registration. Being registered allows them to contest future elections. Without sufficient membership numbers parties are not eligible to enter into elections.
Joining a political party makes a very clear statement that you are willing to stand up for what you believe.

Join the LDP online - it's free.

The Australian Cyclists Party - took some convincing but do now include a statement to allow Adults freedom of choice in regards to helmets.- They charge a small fee for membership.

Join the ACP Online.

It may also be useful to join any political party simply so that it is possible to promote the ideal to repeal this unfair law from within the party (note that some parties may have membership fees).

If you prefer to join by traditional mail you can fill out and send in a membership form.

Liberal Party

The Liberal party have forgotten the meaning of the word "liberal", they should be called the conservative party. Perhaps they should merge with the labour party as they seem too have alot in common these days. In spite of having the opportunity to remove the helmet laws they have done nothing when the opportunity presented. I would recommend putting them second last as they are probably still a better choice than labour.

Labor Party

Never vote for the Australian Labour Party (ALP) or any of their candidates in any election - I have on several occasions questioned their policy and continually get the same applauling attitude of mistrust of australian voters and their single minded flawed nanny state style response, whatever good Labor once stood for is long gone.
Why you may ask.