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Vote against mandatory helmet laws at state and federal elections

As of 2016 with the end of the federal senate group voting tickets it is now required that voters number at least 6 boxes above the line for voting in the federal senate - numbering any less will result in an invalid vote - the table below is my suggestion of what parties should be numbered first to help encourage the government to repeal mandatory helmet laws.
The party to which your first party preference goes may receive around $2.50 from the AEC so even if that party is not successfully elected it can help them fund future election efforts.
The following table is based on information disseminated by various political parties or from research about where they stand on the issue of mandatory bicycle helmet laws.
Where no clear policy statement is available enquiries have been made click the tables links for further info where available.

how to vote
Political Party Suggested Order Policy Reference
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) AKA Liberal Democrats First LDP Policy.
Australian Cyclists Party(ASP) First ACP Policy.
WA Democrats are across this issue First WA Democrats Policy.
One Nation (ON) Middle
Australian Sex Party (ASP) Middle
Other minor parties HEMP, FREE Middle
Christian Democratic Party (CDP) Middle
Independents Middle
Greens Middle
Liberal (LNP) last
Labour Absolute last

Please put the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) first if possible. The LDP have a specific policy to remove mandatory helmet laws and other laws which criminalize victim-less crimes.

One Nation have indicated they will oppose the mandatory helmet laws but have failed to publish a statement to that effect online.

The Australian Sex Party , have no policy on this matter.

The Christian Democratic Party seem neutral on the matter when I spoke to their south Australian candidate.

The greens member in SA expressed no helpful policy on this particular issue. Greens member Greg Barber DOES NOT support low emission transport, he prefers to treat bicycle users like second class citizens with continued ongoing police harassment. Transport Minister Terry Mulder said compulsory helmet laws were based on strong research and rejected calls for a law change, a stand last night backed by Greens MP Greg Barber. [ref 1]

Democratic Labour Party and Family First are at all neutral or simply have no policy on the matter that can be found.

Join a political party

The Liberal Democrats AKA LDP have free membership and are opposed to Mandatory helmet laws. Joining will help them obtain or maintain the necessary number of people required for state and or federal electoral commission registration. Being registered allows them to contest future elections. Without sufficient membership numbers parties are not eligible to enter into elections.
Joining a political party makes a very clear statement that you are willing to stand up for what you believe.

It is may also be useful to join a political party simply so that it is possible to promote the ideal to repeal this unfair law from within the party (note that some parties may have membership fees).

Join the LDP online.

If you are in south australia you may join here.

If you prefer to join by traditional mail you can fill out and send in a membership form.

Legal defence against helmet laws

Have you been apprehended and fined for not wearing a helmet. ? Don't let them bully you into paying without a fight everyone has the right to defend themselves in court.
Firstly remember you are an innocent victim of a discriminatory law and you have every right to defend yourself against the charges.
If you can't talk you way out of the infringement at the time, then my advise is do not pay it, instead write and respond by telling them you wish to take the matter to court, firstly this will delay paying the fine as it typically takes many months before a court appearance case. If you have any reasons or mitigating circumstances for not wearing a helmet and you can present them and you can still plead guilty. Depending on the judge or the circumstances the fine may be reduced or dismissed in court and thereby you will have defended yourself against an unfair and discriminatory law. Either way it is a moral victory to stand up for your rights against unfair laws and usually the worst that can happen is having to pay the original fine and some court costs.
So you should take your case to court and offer whatever reasons you may have in your defence. It is not a crime simply to ride a bicycle, a crime would require someone to be hurt by your actions, if there is no victim how can a crime have occurred !. Wearing a helmet is about as relevant to safety as tying your shoelaces, but for some reason it's been made a criminal offence to not wear a bicycle helmet, it may be advisable but it should not be a crime.

It may be that you forgot to wear your helmet or it was damaged or stolen, you could not find one that fitted, You have a medical issue i.e. dandruff, acne, inflammation etc. A comfort issue i.e your hair or helmet were wet, You were getting too hot, or a practical issue i.e could not properly fit a helmet because of your hair style, for example Sikhs wear a turban as a sign of their faith, or a Rastafarian dreadlocks may not practicably fit under a helmet, top knots, buns , braided or platted hair styles may not fit properly under a helmet. ref You may have borrowed the bike from a mate to try out for a few minutes and did not have your own helmet available. You may have reason to believe wearing a helmet is a hazard to your health , depending on where an how you ride this may well be the case.
Perhaps you borrowed the bike for an emergency such as to get water, medicine or help for someone who is injured, or feeling sick etc.

You can Win

Lobby your government representatives to repeal helmet laws.

Contact your local or state and federal members of government, Send letters by post or email, call them or visit them and make them aware of your issues - their job is to represent you.
Politicians will do nothing until they are reminded that the people they are supposed to represent want them to do something. The Squeaky wheel gets the grease as they say. With the recent election results politicians will be looking for ways to keep people voting for them.

Tell them that you oppose this law and want it amended or entirely removed it is unfair to cyclists and it discriminates against many people.

You may simply request that local parks or cycle-ways be made free zones so people can ride without a helmet if they want.

Remind them of the damage this law causes as it increases the costs of law enforcement and indeed damages the reputation of the police force.

It is sad that police are persecuting innocent bicycle riders to extort money when their roll should be to keep the peace by focusing on preventing violent assaults, robbery , malicious property damage, stopping houses being broken into, enforcing vehicle safety compliance, and focusing on the discouraging the type of reckless driving that can injure other road users. etc.
If you need some help to get started something like this could be a good start.

Dear Minister xxxxxx
I write in regard to the present road rules which require all bicycle riders to wear helmets - this rule discourages bike use and is a pointless intrusion into personal choice it also fails to achieve any safety benefit rather this law contributes to the rise in inactivity related disease , local pollution , global warming, traffic congestion, cost of law enforcement and increasing taxes.
May i ask why do you continue to support this destructive law. ?
On a personal level imagine If I had a Pit Bull and it was attacking you. ! No doubt you would be upset and clearly at rights to tell me in absolutely no uncertain terms to restrain that animal.
I am asking you to STOP praising the police or intentionally turning away while they bully and harass thousands of innocent people to extort money from them like some Mafia gang as a result of this law.
STOP your police force attacking me and other people for simply riding a bicycle without a helmet - this should be a matter of personal choice.
START asking questions and begin taking the steps required to repeal this law and restrain your police dogs from attacking innocent people in future.
It is sad that politicians such as yourself are attracted to positions of power and then fail to do anything good but behave like control freaks hell-bent on forcing a narrow minded and failed mandatory helmet religion and other ill conceived ideas on the population by coercion and bullying.
Yours Sincerely
someone who once may have voted for your party.

Leave the Law behind.

Next time you go on holiday you can leave Australia/NZ's Stringent helmet laws behind, Just go practically anywhere else in the world the USA, Japan ,the UK , Ireland , Europe ,Mexico , China ,India anywhere really. Australia/NZ are about the only country in the world where adults are threatened with fines if they cannot find or don't wish to wear a helmet for any reason.
In the U.S bicycle helmets laws vary between states and are mostly limited to children under 18, if they actually have any at all.

In Japan Only Children under 13 must wear bicycle helmets

A few European countries have helmet laws limited to children.
I can recommend the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK and Sweden all from personal experience.

Spain has helmet laws for riders on inter-urban routes.

I would consider that if a country has unjustifiable or draconian style laws it can deter tourism and create a bad impression of that country. Australian helmet laws are unjustified revenue raising. I would never by choice visit a country which required me under threat of law to buy and wear their special national helmet just to ride a bicycle.

If tourists avoid Australia because it's police harass innocent bicycle riders, it helps tell legislators that what they are doing is unacceptable.


1. The Age . (October 14, 2011). Call for trials to test safety of city cycling without helmets
Retrieved from

The Liberal party have forgotten the meaning of the word "liberal", they should be called the conservative party. Perhaps they should merge with the labour party as they seem too have allot in common these days. In spite of having the opportunity to remove the helmet laws they have done nothing when the opportunity presented. I would recommend putting them second last as they are probably still a better choice than labour.

Never vote for the Australian Labour Party (ALP) or any of their candidates in any election - I have on several occasions questioned their policy and continually get the same appalling attitude of mistrust of Australian voters and their single minded flawed nanny state style response, whatever good Labor once stood for is long gone.
Why you may ask.

An incorrectly fitted helmet is dangerous.

Forcing someone to wear a helmet which cannot fit properly on their head for any reason causes them discomfort and loss of attention as they try to adjust or balance an ill fitting helmet. Being distracted by a badly fitting helmet leaves them more vulnerable to loose control of the bicycle or become involved in an accident, in their attempts to comply with this ridiculous law and avoid persecution by the police.
!. In an accident an incorrectly fitted helmet if loose, to big or too small does not properly protect the wearer, and may in fact cause worse injury to the wearer. For example it may catch on parts of the bicycle, ground or other objects then twist or wrench the wearers spine or straps may be entangled and choke them or cause them to land awkwardly. it's also more likely to strike anything in a fall possibly causing concussions , spinal injury etc. And it will tend to deflect or come off in an accident in any case.

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