What God saith about bicycle helmet laws

"Do not worship false idols"

The second commandment refers to the unquestioning belief in and forced wearing of bicycle helmets in the context of them being a false safety idol.

It is this divine interpretation that was inspired in me by God. Know that if Jesus were alive today he would set the cyclists free of this unfair law. While there were arguably no actual bicycles in the time of the bible the wisdom of this statement is timeless.

It turns out wearing a foam helmet is little more effective at saving you in an accident than wearing a good luck bracelet or crossing your fingers. Anyone who wants to put their helmet to the test will be surprised at just how little protection they offer in a real accident. For example it has been found that they have no effect whatsoever on reducing limb and hand injuries, chest injury such as broken ribs, heart, lung and organ damage, road rash, crushing type injuries and increase the likliehood of spinal injuries, strangulation and hanging. Their limited effect is on reducing head injurys from minor falls which are a minority of typical cyclist injuries. At the same time helmets actually increase the chances of brain stem injuries and many other injuries. If there were ever a false idol, the belief that bicycle helmets should be mandated by law is exactly that. !

Here in australia we are forced by law to worship bicycle helmets like some omnipotent idol of bicycle safety, we are forced to wear them upon our heads under threat of punishment like it or not. Unquestioning belief in or support of bicycle helmets laws is a clear breach of the second commandment. The mandatory helmet law is more than just an attack on civil liberties, freedom and comfort it is an attack on God.

I say trust in God and in your common sense, and realize the last thing you should ever trust to save you is a bicycle helmet. Anyone who thinks themselves or their kin safe wearing a bicycle helmet had better hope their false beliefs are never put to the test.
Motorcycle riders are clearly a case in point having a fatality rate almost 10 times higher than other Australian road users, they worship their false safety helmet idols without question and god clearly punishes them for it. Cyclists who seem most willing to worship the false safety idol of bicycle helmets actually seem to be far more likely to come to injury than others who don't.


belief in false idols questioned.

Elle Macpherson deserves a medal for defying the health and safety gods.

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